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Barbie (2023)

The Barbie movie of 2023 received outstanding reviews not only from critics but also from moviegoers. It is important to note that though this movie is certainly geared towards a specific group of people, it is one watchable simply for the performances by Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, and so many more incredible cast members.

The start of the movie shows how perfect Barbie and her life truly are, from perfect hair to the perfect house to perfectfriends. Barbieland is full of people just like Robbie’s Barbie but every Barbie has a specific name such as a doctor, president, astronaut, etc… Margot Robbie’s Barbie is simply “Stereotypical Barbie” which seems awfully fitting considering there is no one who looks more like a Barbie than Margot Robbie.

While viewing what Barbie’s life is like you meet all the different Ken’s such as Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu who are both just hysterical in this film. They are each trying to show off Robbie's Barbie who is entirely uninterested in them and clueless to the competition. After an introduction and simple showing of what Barbieland is like, Robbie’s Barbie begins to malfunction by having bad breath, flat feet, and more importantly an imperfect life.

Obviously, Barbie is used to being perfect so to figure out what's going on she must go meet “Weird Barbie” portrayed by Kate Mckinnon who is great.Barbie must go to the real world to see what's going on what the owner of her doll as that will solve the issue.

Throughout the rest of the movie, there are many highs and lows for Barbie who is learning to navigate the real world and discover how imperfect the real world is. While Barbie is having a whirlwind of a time, Ken is having tons of fun being far more respected and learning about patriarchy. As a result, Ken decides to return to Barbieland and create a Kendom.This is all going on while Barbie is essentially learning the difficulty of being human with many emotions.

Will Ferrell portrays the CEO of Mattel (the company that produces Barbie) and he is trying to get Barbie back to Barbieland. When Barbie finally meets America Ferrera and her daughter portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt, Barbie’s perspective changes and invites them back to Barbieland. When arriving back at Barbieland, we will just say some changes have been made. Throughout attempting to fix Barbieland, there are many truthful and inspiring messages that promote equality and can give a wonderful perspective on what “womanhood” truly entails.

While Margot Robbie could not have been a more spot-on choice to play Barbie, Ryan Gosling is a phenomenal Ken along with Simu Liu. Every performance in the movie is amazing. From outstanding laugh-out-loud moments to insane dance sequences, this is a must-watch. Greta Gerwig outdid herself truly and I cannot wait to see what comes next from her!




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